Black Stones
Band information
Current members Nana Osaki
Nobuo Terashima
Shinichi Okazaki
Yasushi Takagi
Former members Ren Honjo
Years active 1997-present
Genres Punk rock
Label Gaia Records

Black Stones, often shortened to Blast (ブラスト Burasuto), is a Japanese punk band. The current members are Nana Osaki (vocals), Nobuo Terashima (guitar), Shinichi Okazaki (bass), and Yasushi Takagi (drums). Ren Honjo was previously the bassist for Blast before joining Trapnest.

Blast was established in a small coastal town called Meguro, where they played small venues throughout 1997 and 1998. Blast gained a huge popularity with the local teens. Eventually a few of the fans started the Blast Private Fan Club. Nana left to go to Tokyo and the band was reestablished there. Shinichi Okazaki joined the band as their new bassist.

They debuted in Japan with their first single, "Blast!" on October 31, 2001. Blast later went on to release their second single, "Black Spot."





Behind the scenes


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