Chapter 23
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Volume 7
Chapter 23
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Preceded by Chapter 22
Followed by Chapter 24
Chapter 23 is the twenty third chapter and the third chapter in volume seven of Nana.


Character appearances


  • On their way back, Nobu suggests Hachi to go to the fireworks together. Also he tells her that he will wait for her (break up with Takumi).
  • Yasu tells Shin that he researched his family background, particularly knows, that Shin doesn't have a mother, and asks him to stop doing upsetting things.
  • Yasu found out, by lucky guess, that Misato Uehara is not real name of Misato.
  • Hachi jumps in Nana's bath, while Nana is bathing.
  • Nana K. breaks up with Takumi by phone.

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