Chapter 26
Nana chap 26
Chapter information
Volume 8
Chapter 26
Release date
Preceded by Chapter 25
Followed by Chapter 27
Chapter 26 is the twenty sixth chapter and the second chapter in volume eight of Nana.


It's chapter where Hachiko gets to know that she is really pregnant and gets echography of her baby.

Nana O. and Nana K. hear from Misato that Shin grew up in foreign country and not even sure if both of his biological parents are japanese.

Shin overhears conversation of Takafumi Kawano and Matsuo, where Matsuo  express a lot of doubts about ability of Blast to gain success in sales, if they'll debut.

Takumi finds out that Hachiko is pregnant and calls Nobu (and Nana O. hears what happened too).

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