Chapter 27
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Volume 8
Chapter 27
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Chapter 27 is the twenty seventh chapter and the third chapter in volume eight of Nana.


In their liitle chat, Kinoshita (assistant) tells Ren that he respects Takumi and all, but criticizes Takumi for authoritarian methods. Also Kinoshita says he likes more Ren's punk music. Ren brushes him of by saying that Trapnest don't need soldiers who don't want to fight by their side.

Reira has a struggle with writing new lyrics, but Shin encourages her, so she successfuly finishes the song. She tells him that she is not interested in destiny theories, because she believes that people are bound to each other by their mutual trust.

Naoki comes to Yasu to have a drink and talk.

Nobu comes to talk with Hachiko, but she only cries and says "sorry". Which means their relationship is over.

Character appearances


Before this chapter starts, Hachiko says that "Trapnest" means "The trapped den", if you entered it, you can't get out by your own means. She thought that such name could come only from a man who loved having power over others.

The date of  events is august 31.

Kinoshita says that Ren's car is a 1965 Shelby Mustang.

Shin reveals that Gaia is a such big company, that even owns professional learning school.

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