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Kenichi Matsuyama
Person information
Name in Japanese 松山 ケンイチ
Romaji translation Matsuyama Kenichi
Gender Male
Born March 5, 1985
Mutsu, Aomori, Japan
Occupations Actor
Voice of
Portrayals Shinichi Okazaki

Kenichi Matsuyama (松山 ケンイチ Matsuyama Ken'ichi, born March 5, 1985 in Mutsu, Aomori, Japan) is the original portrayer of Shinichi Okazaki in the first Nana film. He did not return for Nana 2 and was replaced with Kanata Hongo. His real given name written in kanji as "研一".


He is known for his affinity for strange character roles, and he is best known internationally for playing L in the 2006 films Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name and L: Change the World in 2008, as well as voicing Gelus in the Death Note animated adaptation.

He was cast to play lead character Toru Watanabe in the movie adaptation of Haruki Murakami's novel Norwegian Wood, which was released in December 2010.

Personal life

On April 1, 2011, he married Koyuki Kato, who co-starred with him in Kamui Gaiden. She is both a model and actress. The couple's first child was born in January 2012, and their second child was born in January 2013 in South Korea.



Year Title Role Notes
2003 Winning Pass
Bright Future Jun Supporting role
Guzen nimo Saiaku na Shonen
2004 The Locker 2 Yosuke Shinohara Supporting role
The Taste of Tea Matsuken
2005 Linda Linda Linda Makihara
Nana Shinichi Okazaki Supporting role
Furyo Shonen no Yume
Custom Made 10.30 Tamotsu/Shin-Getsu
Otoko-tachi no Yamato Katsumi Kamio
(15 years old)
2006 Oyayubi Sagashi
Death Note L Main role
Death Note: The Last Name L Main role
2007 Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea Juchi
Ten Nights of Dreams
Shindo Wao
South Bound Officer Niigaki
Tsubaki Sanjuro Iori Isaka
Dolphin Blue: Fuji, mo Ichido Sora e
2008 L: Change the World L Main role
Don't Laugh at My Romance Mirume
Detroit Metal City Souichi Negishi/
Johannes Krauser II
2009 Kamui Gaiden Kamui
Kaiji Makoto Sahara
Ultra Miracle Love Story Yojin
2010 Norwegian Wood Toru Watanabe
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac Yuji Miwa
2011 Gantz Masaru Kato
Gantz: Perfect Answer Masaru Kato
My Back Page Umeyama
Usagi Drop Daikichi Kawachi
2012 Train Brain Express Kei Komachi
2013 The Kiyosu Conference Hidemasa Hori
2014 The Way Home Jiro Sawada
Climbing to Spring Tōru Nagamine
2015 Chasuke's Journey
The Emperor in August Takeo Sasaki

Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2002 Gokusen Kenichi Mouri Supporting role
2003 Kids War 5
2005 1 Litre of Tears Yuji Kawamoto
2006 Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi Shingo
Sono 5 fun mae Yuka Takashi
2007 Sexy Voice and Robo Iichiro Sudo/Robo
2009 Zeni Geba Gamagori Futaro
2010 Love of 99 Years ~ Japanese Americans Hiramatsu Jiro
2012 Taira no Kiyomori Taira no Kiyomori
2015 Futagashira Benzō

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