Mai Tsuzuki
Character information
Name in Japanese 都築舞
Romaji translation Tsuzuki Mai
Nicknames Misato Uehara (alias)
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Affiliations Black Stones

Gaia Records

Mai Tsuzuki (都築舞 Tsuzuki Mai), initially introduced as Misato Uehara, is a fan of Blast, and later Nana Osaki's manager.


Mai later joins the staff at Gaia, Blast's record label. She came to know about Nana and Blast when she read her grandfather's diary and discovered that he and Nana's grandmother were once lovers. Her alias, "Misato Uehara" is not her true name, and she claims that a fortune teller told her that if she used the name "Uehara Misato" she could become closer to Nana, but may have actually chosen it because it's the name of Nana's half-sister by their mother, Misuzu Uehara.

Recent chapters reveal that Mai may actually have a secret she prefers not to reveal since the tabloids have discovered Nana's father's surname may actually be "Tsuzuki", which would imply that she, like Misato Uehara, is Nana's half-sister.

Physical appearance

Misato is a 16 year old teenager of average height a fair skin complexion with golden blonde hair with bangs she styles her hair in drills she also wears red lipstick she wears a variety of lolita styled outfits she also has brown eyes her ears are also pierced which she wears different earrings.

Personality and traits

Misato is very kind and trusting. Despite her age she is shown to be rather wise such as holding a full conversation about a band whom she may know very little about.



She is an avid fan of Blast and loves them like her family. Nana Osaki/She has been a admirer of Nana since she first saw Nana in concert she always gives nana gifts and a red rose when she goes on stage even breaking down in tears when nana sings.

Nana Komatsu

She is not near Nana K very often and when they are in the same room Nana tends to be jealou​s due to Nana O's constant attention of Mai though later Nana and Mai talk more and later become friends.

Behind the scences


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