Misato Uehara
Character information
Name in Japanese 上原美里
Romaji translation Uehara Misato
Gender Female
Hair color
Eye color
Family Misuzu Uehara (mother)
Takahiro Uehara (half-brother)
Nana Osaki (half-sister)
Miyuki Osaki (grandmother)

Misato Uehara (上原美里Uehara Misato), known by fans as the "real Misato Uehara" is Nana Osaki's maternal half-sister by their mother, Misuzu Uehara. Though she bares a striking similarity to Nana, she is unaware of her true relationship with Nana and ironically became one of her newer devoted fans. She also has an older brother named Takahiro and lives in Osaka, where her parents own an okonomiyaki shop.

Known as '(Misato) Number Two' by Nana, Misato appears before Nana at a special "thank you" concert for Blast's fans. Upon Misato's appearance, the first "Misato Uehara," Mai Tsuzuki, suggests Yasu's suspicions regarding why she chose the alias "Misato Uehara" in order to become close to Nana are correct, though she does not confirm it. However, Mai has said that it is not a good idea for Nana and Misato to become too close because they share the same mother and Misato's mother abandoned Nana O. to her grandmother when Nana was just a child.

When Misato learns that her mother is also Nana Osaki's mother and abandoned her when Nana was a child, she runs away to Tokyo after her mother disappears. She is found by Shion, who informs Yasu and Misato's friend Chikage of Misato's whereabouts. Chikage tells Takahiro where Misato is and asks him to bring her back home.

When Misuzu, Misato's mother, is confronted by Search magazine photographer Kurada, he manages to learn Misuzu's reasons for abandoning Nana when he reveals how Misato ran away and was spotted in Tokyo. His revelation convinces Misuzu to contact her son and ask him to bring Misato home, though Takahiro forces her to take responsibility and bring Misato home herself.

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