Misuzu Uehara
Misuzu Uehara
Character information
Name in Japanese 上原美鈴
Romaji translation Uehara Misuzu
Nicknames Suzu-chan by customers of her mother shop
Gender Female
Age ~40
Hair color
Eye color
Occupations okonomiyaki shop assistant
Family Miyuki Osaki (mother, deceased),

Nana Osaki (first daughter, abandoned),

Misato Uehara (second daughter),

... Uehara (husband),

Takahiro Uehara (stepson)

Misuzu Uehara (Uehara Misuzu) is Nana Osaki and Misato Uehara's mother.


Misuzu had bad relationship with her mother and had run away to Tokyo at age of 18.

She returned to her mother's place only once, with 4 years old daughter, who she left to live with her mother. Misuzu promised to Nana to come back for her, but broke that promise. Nana was fully adopted by her grandmother and never saw her mother ever again, even when Miyuki died.

Journalists from SEARCH found Misuzu and revealed that Nana's mother is living ordinary life as a housewife with husband and two children. She refuses to acknowledge any connection with Nana.

In response to learning who her mother is, Nana shows little emotional reaction, being only mildly disappointed at how ordinary her mother is, and still apparently unaware that the real Misato Uehara is her half-sister.

When her relationship to Nana Osaki is publically exposed, Misuzu flees from her family in Osaka. When Kurada tracks her down and implies that Misato is in danger after running away to Tokyo, Misuzu reluctantly reveals that she abandoned Nana because she wanted to be with a man who hated children. Afterward, she attempts to have her stepson to bring Misato home and is forced to do so herself when he refuses, because he wants her to take responsibility for her actions.

Physical appearance

Misuzu is a middle aged but still beautiful woman. She looks very alike with both her daughters.

Personality and traits

Misuzu is very strict with kids. Perhaps her bad mother-daughter relationships with her mother had caused her awkwardness with her own daughters. Also, she is incredibly stubborn.



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