Miu Shinoda (篠田美雨 Shinoda Miu) is a placid and soft-spoken actress who shares a boarding house with Blast and Yuri. She is older than she looks, at age 27, and her name is often mispronounced "Myū" by Nobu. Miu wears long sleeves to hide the scars on her wrists from self-mutilation. In volume 11 (the volume where she first appears), it is shown that she is a very good mahjong player (she claimed that she learnt her skills by having special training for her role in a mahjong movie as a nameless rival).

Miu was first introduced to Nobu during Nana's first hyperventilation attack. She lends Nobu a paper bag to help Nana deal with it. After a few more confrontations with Nobu, they become fast friends, and he is immediately smitten by her. However when he makes a move on her, she reveals her age and indirectly rejects him for being "unreliable." Nobu, who is again dejected, seeks affection from Yuri instead. She has been dating Yasu, although it is implied that their relationship was built out of convenience (Yasu to give Nana independence and Miu because she thought Yasu was stable). She is shown to possess some jealous feelings when she sees Shion wearing the same ring Yasu had.

Miu is also good friends with Hachi. When they first met on Christmas, Nana commented on how easily the two got along. Miu is also a very perceptive character, as Yasu had once commented, since she was able to predict what he was going to do. Although she was initially reluctant to have sex with Yasu, she gives in, feeling pressure that Nana might snatch him away. At times, she is shown to be jealous of the various women around Yasu (Like Shion and Nana). Because of her close friendship with Hachi, Miu reveals to her that she would stop cutting herself-- because she did not want to upset Yasu. In the future, it is seen that Miu and Yasu remain together and she has cut her long hair. Her long standing friendship with Hachi is still evident.


Physical appearance

Miu has long light beige [grey beige in the anime] hair and light brown eyes her skin is very pale she always wears wristbands or long sleeves to hide the scars on her wrist she also wears light pink lipstick.

Personality and traits

Although Miu appears to be soft spoken, she is very kind and helpful.


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