Two Mobile Nana calendars

Mobile Nana was a mobile web service launched in March 2005 featuring information on Nana with a monthly subscription fee of 315 yen ($2.55 US dollar). The website could only be visited via mobile phone. It first provided information on the Nana PS2 game, and the Nana film. Wallpapers, photos, quizzes and videos were some of the first extras available.

The service was updated in September 2006, featuring a much wider array of new features. Some of these features videos of edited panels from the manga, love or luck predictions, polls inspired by the manga, and a Nana quiz with seven questions. Each month, a new calendar was released, users had two different versions to choose between. Character screensavers from Nana, Gokinjo Monogatari, and Kagen no Tsuki were also released, along with ringtones from the Nana film and anime.[1]

Users could also post on the address book, "Junko's Room" to communicate with Ai Yazawa or the anime staff. Two games, "Yasu Hat Trick" and "Nanasame", were playable with the service. Another version of the service titled, Nana Premium, offered downloadable emoticons, wallpapers and special images.

It is unknown if the service is still available in Japan.

On June 5, 2008, the Mobile Nana Book was released. It featured many of the wallpapers, calendars, and special images found on Mobile Nana.


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