Mobile NANA Book
Book information
Author Ai Yazawa
Illustrator Ai Yazawa
Publishers Shueisha
Publication date June 5, 2008[1]
ISBN 9784088568171

Mobile NANA Book (モバイル NANA Book) is a book about the Nana mobile service created in 2005. The book is similar to Nana 7.8, except with updated information.

The book has several sections, including character profiles, popularity polls, a ranking of characters, a quiz and a gallery. The gallery is broken into four sections, Character Wallpaper, Mail, Photo Frame and Calendar.

Mobile Nana Book was promoted in The Family Times of volume 19 and 21. The book has also been published in France and Italy.


Character Data and Gallery

This section is made up of character profiles, which are almost the same as those in Nana 7.8 with just a few updates, mostly to the ages. New characters, Ginpei Moroboshi, Miu Shinoda, and Yuri Kosaka were added.

Character appearances

Note: all characters are (Appears in picture(s))

Mobile Nana

Main article: Mobile Nana

Mobile Nana was a mobile phone service that launched in March 2005. Through a monthly subscription, members could access various Nana information on the video game, film, etc.

Wallpapers, photos, quizzes and videos were some of the many things available.


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