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Author Ai Yazawa
Publishers Shueisha (Japan)
Madman Entertainment (New Zealand; Australia)
Viz Media (North America)
Magazines Cookie (Japan)
Shojo Beat (North America)
Original run 2000-hiatus
Volumes 21
Chapters 84 (List of chapters)
Director Morio Asaka
Studio Madhouse Studios
Licensed by Viz Media
Networks NTV (Japan)
Animax (Japan)
Funimation Channel (North America)
Aired from April 5, 2006 - March 27, 2007
Episodes 47 (List of episodes)
Live-action film
Director Kentaro Otani
Studio TBS
Release date September 3, 2005
Running time 130min.
Second live-action film
Director Kentaro Otani
Studio Toho Compamy
Release date December 9, 2006
Running time 130min.

Nana (ナナ) often stylized as NANA, is a japanese manga and anime series created by Ai Yazawa. The title comes from the two main characters, Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu.

The manga was serialized in Cookie, a manga magazine related to Ribon, who published many of Yazawa's earlier works. It was published by Shueisha in Japan, and by Viz Media in North America, who serialized it in their magazine, Shojo Beat.

Later, the manga was adapted into a live-action film with a sequel in 2005. Later in 2006, an anime was produced, and aired for a total of forty-seven episodes. Several other products for Nana, such as soundtracks and books have been released.


Nana Osaki is a punk singer who wants to debut with her band, Black Stones, where she is the lead vocalist and her boyfriend, Ren, is the bassist. Nana and Ren have lived together as lovers since she was sixteen. When Ren is offered a chance to debut in Tokyo as a replacement member of the popular band, Trapnest, Nana chooses to continue on with BLAST and to cultivate her own career instead of following Ren, as she has too much ambition to simply be a rockstar's girlfriend. She eventually leaves for Tokyo at the age of twenty to start her musical career.

Nana Komatsu, the other Nana, has a habit of falling in love at first sight all the time, and depending on other people to help her. When her friends, and then her boyfriend, leave for Tokyo, she decides to join them a year later after having saved enough money at the age of twenty.

The two Nanas meet on a train by chance, both on their way to Tokyo. After a string of coincidences, they come to live together in an apartment numbered 707. Despite having contrasting personalities and ideals, the Nanas respect each other and become close friends.

Nana Osaki gives Nana Komatsu the nickname Hachi, and later Hachiko, because she is weak-willed and has characteristics that resemble a puppy, and also as a joke since hachi means "eight" and nana means "seven" in Japanese.

While BLAST begins to gain popularity at live gigs, the two Nanas face many other issues together, especially in the areas of friendship and romance. The story of Nana revolves heavily around the romance and relationships of the two characters as one seeks fame and recognition while the other seeks love and happiness.



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Volume 1 of the manga

The manga was serialized in Cookie first in 2000, and is currently on hiatus due to the Ai Yazawa's sudden illness. Shueisha published the chapters into twenty-one volumes.

Viz Media holds the license to the North American rights of Nana, and have published all tweny-one volumes. Nana was serialized in their magazine, Shojo Beat, until August 2007.


Main article: List of Nana episodes

A forty-seven episode anime adaption of Nana aired from April 5, 2006 to March 27, 2007. Morio Asaka directed the anime, and Madhouse Studios animated it.

A second season of the series is rumored to be aired eventually. Junko Koseki (editor of Nana at Shueisha), and Masao Maruyama (president of Madhouse) seem to confirm this by stating that a second season would be aired, when the manga is finished.[1]

Live-action filmsEdit

See: Nana (film) and Nana 2

Nana poster.

The first live-action film was released on September 3, 2005. Mika Nakashima, and Aoi Miyazaki star as Nana Osaki, and Nana Komatsu. The other cast members include, Hiroki Narimiya as Nobu Terashima, Kenichi Matsuyama as Shin Okazaki, and Ryuhei Matsuda as Ren Honjo.

The second live-action film was released on December 9, 2006. Production of the film started in September of 2006, and filming took one and a half months to finish. Three actors were recasted, which include, Yui Ichikawa as Nana Komatsu, Nobuo Kyo as Ren Honjo, and Kanata Hongo as Shinichi Okazaki.

Video gamesEdit

See: Nana (video game), Nana: Everything is Controlled by the Great Demon King!? and Nana: Live Staff Mass Recruiting! Beginners Welcome

The first Nana video game was released on March 17, 2005. It was released by Konami for the PlayStation 2. The player chooses between five characters designs by Ai Yazawa, and plays as the "third Nana."

The second was released for the PlayStation Portable on July 6, 2006. Konami released the third for the Nintendo DS on June 2007.



Nana anime soundtrack

Nana has numerous original soundtracks based on the live-action films and anime series.

For the anime Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia Lufkin performed the openings and endings, Tsuchiya being the spirit of Nana Osaki and Lufkin being Reira Serizawa. Three soundtracks featuring music from the anime were released. Olivia also published, Olivia Inspi' Reira (Trapnest) with five new songs inspired by Reira.

In the live-action films, Mika Nakashima performed Nana Osaki's songs, while Yuna Ito did Reira's. One soundtrack and two singles were released. For the second film, Nakashima and Ito returned to publish two new singles.

There have been several tribute albums inspired by Nana. The first titled Punk Night from Nana was released on September 26, 2003. The second, Nana's Song is My Song was released on November 6, 2003. The only official tribute album, Love for Nana was released on March 16, 2005. Many major label artists contributed to the album, even though their contracts did not allow them to do so.


See: Nana 7.8, Nana 1st Illustrations, Nana: Renai Shourigaku, Nana the First!, and Mobile Nana Book

Fanbooks and artbooks dedicated to Nana have been released. The first was Nana 7.8 that was published in between volume 7 and 8. Other books include, Nana 1st Illustrations, Nana the First!, and more.


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