Nana: Live Staff Mass Recruiting! Beginners Welcome
Video game information
Developers Konami
Publishers Konami
Platforms Nintendo DS
Release date June 2007
Genres Simulation

Nana: Live Staff Mass Recruiting! Beginners Welcome (ナナ: ライブスタッフ大募集! 初心者歓迎 Nana: Raibu Sutaffu Daiboshū! Shoshinsha Kangei) is the third Nana video game released by Konami for the Nintendo DS on June 2007. The character designs are similar to the previous video game, Nana: Everything Is Controlled by the Great Demon King!?.

Many of the voice actors from the anime reprised their roles in the game. Anna Tsuchiya's song, "Lucy" was used as the theme song for it.[1]


The main point of the game is for the player character to find their dream job and become successful. Eventually, the player can become part of the Black Stones (or Trapnest possibly) by becoming a photographer, makeup artist, stylist, etc.[2]

The player character lives in an apartment, which can be changed at least twice and has to work to earn money to buy clothes, and such. Further, the player can become friends with other characters in Nana. The player's "best friend" will cheer them on at work and give them presents or ask for dates. Several mini-games are available to play throughout the game.

Character appearances

Gokinjo Monogatari cameos

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