Nana Movie: Original Soundtrack
Album information
Artists Mika Nakashima
Yuna Ito
Release date September 28, 2005
Writers Tadashi Ueda

Nana Movie: Original Soundtrack is a collection of the music from the first Nana film. The soundtrack was available in two editions.

Nineteen tracks are featured on the album, including "Glamorous Sky" and "Endless Story."


All, except two of the songs are background music. The CD&DVD release came with live versions of "Glamorous Sky" and "Endless Story", a "Ren" flower sticker, twenty-four page booklet, a tank-top and a phone strap.

Tadashi Ueda wrote all of background music as well as the film versions of "Endless Story" and "Glamorous Sky".


No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "Nana theme 1"       
2. "Hachi theme 1"       
3. "Two Nanas 1"       
4. "Hachi theme 2"       
5. "New life 1"       
6. "Nana theme 2"       
7. "Fallin'"       
8. "New life 2"       
9. "The inevitable"       
10. "An end"       
11. "Nana theme 3"       
12. "Glamorous Sky
(Soundtrack version)"  
Ai Yazawahydehyde, K.A.Z  
13. "Hachi theme 3"       
14. "Let it end?"       
15. "White snow, dress red"       
16. "Endless Story
(Soundtrack version)"  
ATS-, Dawn Thomas HΛL  
17. "The key"       
18. "Two Nanas 2"       
19. "Yearning"       

DVD extras

  • Nana starring Mika Nakashima "Glamorous Sky" (live version)
  • Reira starring Yuna Ito "Endless Story" (live version)


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