Chapter information
Volume 9
Chapter Extra chapter
Release date
Preceded by Chapter 28
Followed by Chapter 29
Naoki (story) is extra chapter and the first chapter in volume nine of Nana.

In this additional chapter, Naoki tells the story about his childhood years (from his 2nd year of Junior High, around 14 years old), creation of light music club in his school and eventually formation of Trapnest. Also, there shown pieces of life of Takumi (13 to 14 years old), Reira (13 to 14), Ren (12 to 13) and Yasu (13 to 14) in those days.


Character appearances


In this chapter:

  • How Naoki bleached his hair;
  • How Takumi made a music club;
  • How Naoki became member of Trapnest;
  • How Yasu decided to become a drummer for Ren and joined the band.

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