Naruse Art School
Location information
School type Art

Naruse Art School is an art college located in Nana Komatsu's home town. Previous students include, Junko Saotome, Kyosuke Takakura, Shoji Endo, and Nana Komatsu.


Junko enrolled in the school because of her passion for art. Her best friend, Nana decided to tag along to be around Junko and to find a boyfriend. Their first class was in B-3, where Junko meets her old friend, Shoji and his friend, Kyosuke. Nana immediately shows interest in Shoji.

The four attend the college for several months. Junko decided to leave after being accepted to study art in Tokyo, along with Kyosuke. Shoji, pushed by his friends dreams, also leaves to pursue art college in Tokyo. Nana presumably leaves after failing to get into an art school in Tokyo.

About one later, when Nana returns home to go to a Trapnest concert, she points out Naruse Art School to Nana Osaki.




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