Nobu (story)
Chapter information
Volume 16
Chapter Extra chapter
Release date May of 2006
Preceded by Chapter 57.5
Followed by Chapter 58
Nobu (story) is extra chapter and the first chapter in volume sixteen of Nana.This chapter was published in the fifth issue of Cookie (May 2006).

In this additional chapter, Nobu tells the story about his childhood in Terashima Hotel, since he was 4 years old. 


Character appearances

  • Nobuo's mother


In this chapter:

  • Nobu's first love (at age of 4).
  • All Nobu's crushes and girlfriends before Hachi.
  • How Nobu (13 years old) first time saw Ren, who was playing guitar on the school stage, and discovered his own passion for music.
  • Brute, Ren's punk band in Nobu's eyes.
  • Yasu, when he still had a hair.
  • Nobu's first job at gas station
  • How Nobu met Nana Osaki and became friends with her.
  • How Nana was expelled from school.
  • First Nobu's girlfriend ― Sasaki Chiho.
  • What Nobu promised to Nana's deceased grandmother.

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