Prologue: Nana and NANA
Episode information
Episode 1
Airdate April 5, 2006
Preceded by
Followed by "Love? Friendship? Nana and Shoji"

Prologue: Nana and NANA (序章. 奈々とナナ Joshō. Nana to NANA) is the first episode of the Nana anime. The episode shows how Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki first met.

It covers the last page of "Nana – Nana Komatsu", Chapter 1, and part of Chapter 2. The opening song is "Rose" by Anna Tsuchiya and the ending is "A Little Pain" by Olivia Lufkin.


Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki meet on a train heading towards Tokyo. Snow causes the train to be delayed for five hours, meanwhile Nana K talks and Nana O listens. They are separated when the train arrives at Tokyo and Nana goes off with her boyfriend, Shoji. Shoji does not mind her staying with him, but he also wants her to become independent. To save her relationship Nana goes to find an apartment, where she runs into Nana.


"Hey, Nana. Do you remember the first time we met?"
Hachi narrates

Nana Komatsu receives a text from her boyfriend that he was accepted into to art college. She immediately packs, leaves a not for her parents, and boards a train. The train lurches forward just as she asks a girl if the seat next to her is taken. Embarrassed after falling into her lap, Nana asks her about the seat again. The two become aquainted, and the operator informs the passengers that the snow has caused a delay. They make the best of the situation and propose a toast. The mysterious girl tells Nana that her name is Nana, too.

The train arrives in Tokyo and Nana's boyfriend calls her name. Nana is disappointed when she realizes she has lost track of her new friend without getting her phone number. The disappointment is short-lived, and Nana greets her old friends, Junko and Kyosuke. They drop Nana and Shoji off at his apartment. At first, Nana is surprised to learn she is staying with Shoji, until she learns that Junko and Kyosuke are currently living together.

Clawfoot Bathtub

Hachi excited about the apartment's clawfoot tub

The next day, Nana feels guilty for not waking up early to make Shoji breakfast. Therefore, she spends the rest of the day cleaning and cooking. Shoji expresses his concern at dinner, when he learns that she has not looked for a job or an apartment. Nana visits a realtor, Ando, and he takes her to Apartment 707. Nana Osaki happens to be looking at the same apartment, and after some dicussion the two decide to rent the apartment together.

Cast and characters

Character Japanese English Notes
Nana Osaki Romi Park Rebecca Shoichet (First appearance)
Nana Komatsu Kaori Kelly Sheridan (First appearance)
Shoji Endo Hiroki Takahashi Jeremy From (First appearance)
Junko Saotome Takako Honda Saffron Henderson (First appearance)
Kyosuke Takakura Junichi Suwabe Michael Adamthwaite (First appearance)

Supporting characters


Nana Komatsu: "No Way! I cleaned the house, did laundry and stuff. It was a super productive day!"
Shoji: "You serious? You didn't come all the way to Tokyo to do that, did you? You promised to find a job that would allow you to make it on your own and give it every effort, right?"
Nana Komatsu: "How can you say such a thing? I did all this for you, Shoji!"
— Shoji confronts Nana about being irresponsible
"Then starting tomorrow, we're roommates, Nana-chan."
—Nana Osaki to Nana Komatsu
"That moment, for some reason I felt a bit like crying. I can't really explain why, but when I shook Nana's hand, the warmth was so great it even warmed my heart"
—Nana and Nana shake hands

Behind the scenes

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