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Satsuki Ichinose
Character information
Name in Japanese 一ノ瀬皐
Romaji translation Ichinose Satsuki
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Family Nana Komatsu (mother)
Takumi Ichinose (father)
Ren Ichinose (brother)
Natsuko Komatsu (grandmother)
Nao Komatsu (aunt)
Nami Komatsu (aunt)

Satsuki Ichinose (一ノ瀬皐Ichinose Satsuki) is Nana Komatsu and Takumi Ichinose's daughter. She has a brother named Ren. Her personality seems to resemble her mother's.


Before Satsuki is born, Nana Komatsu had difficulty thinking a name for her child and kept refering to the unborn baby as "Sachiko", a name which had an ominous history with Nana K. However, she is unable to think of another name and eventually becomes used to calling the baby "Sacchan" as a nickname, further frustrating her efforts to find a good name for her child. Because the child's surname will be "Ichinose", which has three characters, Nana wishes for the child to have a one kanji name. When Ren Honjo learns that Nana has been having problems thinking of a name for the baby, he offers to find a name for her baby, which Nana happily accepts. Ren chooses the name "Satsuki" (皐), which has one kanji as Nana wanted and also allows her to continue calling the baby "Sacchan"; according to Ren, he wanted the child to have a name that would connote a flower, like his name.

Physical appearanceEdit

Satsuki has black hair and thick eyebrows similar to those of her father, Takumi. Her mother often dresses her in cutesy, girly clothes.

Personality and traitsEdit

From early on her personality mirrors her mother's.


Amongst her mother's friends and acquaintances, Satsuki is well-loved, particularly by Yasu, who thinks of Satsuki almost as his own. She appears to want her family to live together, saddened by the idea that her father and brother are in England for an undisclosed amount of time, and appears to be unaware of the marital problems between her parents. Satsuki is also revealed to have a crush on Shin when Nana attempts to learn who her daughter wants to give chocolates to on Valentine's Day.

Behind the scenesEdit


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