Shinichi Okazaki
Character information
Name in Japanese 岡崎真一
Romaji translation Okazaki Shin'ichi
Nicknames Shin
Gender Male
Age 16
Born November 1, 1985
Hair color Light blue (dyed)
Eye color Blue
Occupations Bassist
Relationships Layla Serizawa (ex-girlfriend)
Ryoko Kawashigi (ex-girlfriend)
Affiliations Black Stones

Shinichi Okazaki (岡崎真一 Okazaki Shin'ichi, born November 1, 1985), also known as Shin (シン、シンちゃん), is the bass player in Blast.


Though, mature and tall for his age, he is 15 years old and is the youngest member of the band. Shin was born in Sweden, he speaks British English with a Swedish accent. Due to his dysfunctional family, Shin left his home and abandoned his original family name. Shin's mother committed suicide while his mother's husband adopted him and refused to acknowledge him as his son. Therefore his life was devoid of parental love.

After moving to Japan, Shin met Ryoko Kawashigi, an airline stewardess, who works as his pimp and introduces him to alcohol and drugs. He moonlights as a male prostitute with Reira being one of his "clients". Among other things, he is an expert mahjong player and a confidant and early roommate to Nobu.

He stops seeing Reira to protect her status and his own feelings—also possibly sparked from fear by Takumi's warning. Ryoko Kawashigi, one of his older clients, bears a striking resemblance to Reira and he sees her again after the two musicians ended their relationship.

She lives near his parents' apartment, works as a stewardess, and is the one that taught Shin "bad things". He and Ryoko were put under arrest for possession of marijuana which caused BLAST to withdraw from their tour. In the future, it is shown he has become an actor.

Physical appearance

Shin's hair is naturally brown and is dyed light blue. He spikes his hair up. Shin has blue eyes and multiple piercings: four in his left ear, five in his right ear, one of which extends on a chain to his lip. It is shown that when he's with a customer (more specifically, the morning after), he takes out his piercings and his hair lies down flat.

Personality and traits

Shin is very cunning and wise for his age. However, he makes it difficult for anyone to get too close to him due to his questionable past. However he also has a caring side depicted when he genuinely comforts Layla and often stands up for and shows care towards Hachi.


Shin and Hachi. They share a close friendship. Hachi seemed to be the first to show concern for him about his young age, parents, and prostitution. He is shown having her best interests at heart standing up for her at the Trapnest after party, and visiting at Shirogane after he moves out. When he saw her maternal bond with her baby (pregnancy) he said: "I wish I had been your baby, Hachi."

Shin and Reira. They intially meet with Reira being one of his "clients" but they fall in love. He was there for her when Reira was upset by Takumi's engagement with Hachi. While Blast were out of town due to their recording session and Trapnest were abroad they had sent emails to each other to secretly keep in touch on distance. When Reira was happily wearing Shin's huge Westwood orb lighter, that he 'accidentally' left at her place, Takumi figured their relationship. On joint celebration of Shin and Reira birthdays (since their BD at the same day) Takumi started to demand Shin to broke up with Reira for reason to prevent a potential scandal. Shin didn't do that. Eventually Takumi talked to Reira. Despite her own feelings, Reira broke up with Shin because of Takumi's demand. It happened just after Takumi had prevented another upcoming scandal about photo of Ren and Reira together, so Reira felt very guilty. This affected both of them badly. Later Reira called Shin to said that she felt awfully lonely and wanted at least talking with him by phone. Shin refused because it was unbearable to him. Her actions hurt him very much. After that he sunk into depression and started to seeking comfort from Ryoko Kawashigi, while Reira seeked comfort from Takumi. After Shin's arrest Blast finally found out about Reira and Shin's relationships and Takumi agreed them to be together. Shin refused because he was not sure if he able to bear that. He promised to become her boyfriend after he will become adult and if she still would want that. After that, their relationships is unknown.

Behind the scenes


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