Takumi Ichinose
Character information
Name in Japanese 一ノ瀬巧
Romaji translation Ichinose Takumi
Gender Male
Age 23
Born December 12th, 1977
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Occupations Bassist
Family Father
Megumi Ichinose (sister)
Satsuki Ichinose (daughter)
Ren Ichinose (son)
Relationships Nana Komatsu (wife)
Affiliations Trapnest

Takumi Ichinose (一ノ瀬巧 Ichinose Takumi) is the bassist of Trapnest.


Takumi grew up with a lot of emptiness and angst. His mother was bed-ridden with illness and his father dealt with this by becoming a bitter alcoholic. In addition, his sister got pregnant in high school. When his mother dies, Takumi takes complete responsibility to take care of her funeral, showing his maturity despite the temper and womanizing tendencies.

Music was his solace, he starts a music club in highschool and later purses music career with his band, Trapnest, which consisted of singer Layla, drummer Naoki, and other members who'd leave after disagreeing with Takumi's controlling ways. When the band moves to Tokyo, he convinces Yasu (Blast’s drummer), who convinces Ren to join Trapnest as their guitarist. Trapnest was an instant hit in Tokyo, with their album selling over a million copies.

Currently he is married to Hachi with a son (Ren) and daughter (Satsuki) between them. He depicted as a loving father to them.

Physical appearance

Takumi is a 6'1" tall young adult man in his early 20s. He is noted as being handsome with long black hair that reaches his shoulders, which Nana comments she wishes he would never cut it. He has grey eyes and a pierced ears, mainly wearing either a sliver stud or a small silver hoop. When going out, he wears aviator sunglasses.

Personality and traits

He is known for his womanizing, but alongside this he is shown as a quiet, reserved, and kind individual. He does have a temper, often losing it over little things; as well as a workaholic, often taking on every task including his own wedding, telling Nana Osaki "You should probably find another roommate" as he words it, as he wanted Nana Komatsu to move in with him immediately.


Nana Komatsu/Hachi

He met Nana K. through Nana O. when he came to play mah-jong. She was a die hard Takumi fan and sought comfort from him when she felt excluded from Nana O's world. The supposed one night stand (the next day) eventually became an affair as he expressed that he wants Hachi to be only his. Though he doesn’t want to admit it, he began to care deeply for Hachi and admitted to Ren that he misses her. However his business priorities (abroad and such) always came first, leaving a neglected, lonely Hachi to onesidedly end the relationship with a phone call and begin a relationship with Nobu. When Takumi returns and learns of Hachi's pregnancy, he accepts the child and proposes to Hachi, despite the uncertainty whether it is his or Nobu's and how it may hurt his career. This seems to be by a mix of possessiveness and caring towards Hachi, as Nobu is not financially ready to support Hachi and the baby.

After they become engaged, Hachi becomes a "High-Class Housewife" in a lavish home they share in Shirogane. She welcomes Takumi with her home cooking, and they share intimate talks in the bathtub. Takumi confesses his love to Hachi in a shared bath moment. He also tells her she doesn't have to keep their relationship a secret from their friends and family, and expresses his desire to meet Hachi's family.

However, work is still his piority and his playboy habits continue. Takumi is afraid of that Hachi will leave him, admiting that to Ren that if she left him, everywhere he goes will be a battleground and if he is to go to hell, he'll drag along his band mates, but wishes for Hachi and Satsuki (the baby) to live happily.

Currently they are married but he is shown living in England with their son Ren while, Hachi lives with their daughter Satsuki at Shirogane. Takumi and Naoki are helping his wife look for the missing Nana O while keeping an eye on Reira who refuses to sing unless Ren (the child) accompanies her. He and Naoki discuss Hachi living with him in England, but she wanted to be in Japan in case Nana O returns.

"Hey. If we find Nana, Hachiko will wanna live here, too. I tried to convince her on the phone again the other day, but she just said 'Nana might come back, so I'm staying here.'"
—Naoki to Takumii[1]

Layla "Reira" Serizawa

He looked after Layla since they were children and always harbors a protective, brother-like care for her despite her love for him. He thinks of her as "my sacred angel that I could never violate. Reira was my sanctuary. I needed something like that in this dirty, disappointing world.”[2]

Layla openly declares her desire to become his lover, saying that after all their years, it's always him more than anyone else who she loves and wants. Takumi has said more than once that he only loves Layla as a sister but eventually gives in to comfort her and prevent her self-destruction because Shin can't be there for her.

Behind the scenes

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  • His favorite brand of cigarettes is "Gitanes". In the English version published by Viz Media, the brand was replaced by another brand called "Pantheres."



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