The Broken Strawberry Glass
Episode information
Episode 34
Airdate December 6, 2006
Preceded by Hachi's Choice
Followed by Reira's Loneliness
"Cause if you don't like them, I don't want them! There's no point in me buying them unless we're both gunna use them!"
Nana Komatsu

The Broken Strawberry Glass is the thirty-fourth episode of Nana.


Due to Hachi's unexpected pregnancy, her and Takumi decide to marry. Nana is shocked after hearing the news, and anger builds up within her at the thought of Hachi not coming to her about her situation. Her fist strikes the table, and one of the strawberry glasses falls, hitting the floor and breaking apart.


"The summer I turned sixteen, I switched to Seven Star cigarettes. 'Cause that's what Ren smoked. We got the same piercings, we wore matching combat boots, we slept in the same bed, and we shared a dream together. But then...Ren abandoned me. Somewhere in my heart, I never forgave him for doing that. Just like I could never forgive my mother."
Nana Osaki
Nana: "Why don't you use the strawberry glass?"
Hachi: "Cause we only have two of them. What if one of them breaks?"
Nana: "But what's the point if you never use them?"
Hachi: "Yeah, but they're a set. It'd be sad if one of them breaks."
Nana Osaki, and Nana Komatsu during a flashback

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