The End
Album information
Artists Mika Nakashima
Release date December 13, 2006
Length 47:21
Label Sony Music

The End is the fourth studio album of Mika Nakashima, and her only album released under "Nana starring Mika Nakashima". Two singles, "Glamorous Sky" and "Hitoiro" are found on the album.

Many of the tracks from the album were featured in the Nana film and it's sequel, Nana 2.


A slightly more rock version of "Hitoiro" as well as "Blowing Out", "Neglest Mind", "Real World" and a cover of "My Way" were produced for the album. The song "My Way" was originally performed by Frank Sinatra, and later covered by Sex Pistols bassist, Sid Vicious. Mika Nakashima performed "My Way" as a homage to the Sid Vicious cover.

The album peaked at #2 on the daily and weekly Oricon charts, selling 181,571 copies.


No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "Hitoiro"  Ai YazawaTakuroTakuro, Masahide Sakuma 3:27
2. "Eyes for the Moon"  TakuroTakuroTakuro, Sakuma 3:39
3. "Glamorous Sky"  Ai Yazawahydehyde, K.A.Z 4:26
4. "Blowing Out"  Lori Fine, Mika NakashimaLori FineTakamune Negishi 3:27
5. "My Medicine"  FineYasuhiro MinamiNegishi 3:37
6. "Neglest Mind"  mmm.31f.jpHiroaki ŌnoMasami Tsuchiya 3:57
7. "Real World"  mmm.31f.jpTeruyoshi AkiyamaMasami Tsuchiya 4:08
8. "Isolation"  mmm.31f.jpMinamiNegishi 4:42
9. "Blood"  mmm.31f.jpShigekazu KogaNegishi 3:27
10. "Hitoiro (ALTAnative Ver.)"  Ai YazawaTakuroTakuro, Sakuma 5:06
11. "My Way"  Paul Anka, Lucien Marie Antoine Thibaut, Claude FrancoisJacques RevauxNegishi 4:19


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