Wish of July 7th, Hachi's Love
Episode information
Episode 22
Airdate September 13, 2006
Preceded by Dream of Suite Room
Followed by I Do Not Want to Pass Over to Anybody
"Back then, I made so many wishes. I couldn't count them all."
Nana Komatsu

Wish of July 7th, Hachi's Love is the twenty-second episode of Nana.


Blast celebrates July 7th and makes decorations for the apartment. Hachi prepares a large meal for Trapnest the following night to celebrate the end of their tour. However, Nana informs her that they won't be visiting as they're going out with the male band members in Blast. Takumi visits Hachi after Nobu and Shin despise him for insulting her reputation.


Hachi: "I'm 100% positive that a career in sales is just the right thing for me! I'm great at the whole smiles are free thing!"
Nana: "You should work at a fastfood joint. They'd love you there."
Hachi: "I'd totally do it if they had a really cute uniform to wear. Like for the beer promotion we just did, I got to wear this adorable miniskirt and I looked great!"
Yasu: "Hmmm...I would've liked to have seen that."
Nobu: "Did the old perv in the corner say something?"
— Members of Blast with Nana Komatsu
Shin Okazaki: "Here, let me write one for you, Nobu; I want to be taller - Nobuo"
Nobu Terashima: "Write your own damn wishes!"
— Shin and Nobu, while writing their wishes.

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